The Gardens

Fully restored in 2010

Lovely plants and trees set to host 600 guests in a cocktail party.

Room features

Garden with years of antiquity that has been completely restored in 2010. It has different spots for celebrations during daylight and night.


  • Historic garden of about 1.000 m2 and completely restored in 2010.
  • Very elegant dining areas of about 500 m2, which can host up to 600 guests in a cocktail party.
  • Rich variety of floral species, related to the textile and centennial trees.
  • With dryers, ramps and a tunnel of roses.
  • Direct entrance from the street.
  Cocktail Breakfasts
Tipos de montaje
Capacity 600 600

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Room The Gardens plan
Types of settings

With direct entrance from the street, it has elegant areas for celebrations, breakfasts and coffee breaks. Check them out here bellow:

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