Bright and spacious

Space of 160 sqm with direct access to the Gardens and an adjacent auxiliary room.

Room features

It is the perfect room when the weather’s not helping during a cocktail. Formerly it worked as the tapestry showroom.


  • A Clear and a bright space of 160 m2.
  • Former tapestry exhibition hall.
  • Roofing of wooden trusses.
  • Direct exit to the Gardens and adjacent to an auxiliary room.
  • Heating, air conditioning and services.
  Cocktail Banquet Theatre School Cabaret «U» Form Empire
Tipos de montaje
Capacity 240 100 150 92 50 50 48

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Room Teniers plan
Types of settings

Acquires an infinity formats for its versatility and space characteristics. You can check them out here bellow:

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